(A)   No CAFO shall be constructed within:
      (1)   Five miles (26,400 feet) of any municipal boundary;
      (2)   Two miles (10,560 feet) from any:
         (a)   Residential, Residential Estates or Forest Recreation Zone;
         (b)   Health care facility;
         (c)   Public area;
         (d)   Education institution;
         (e)   Religious institution; and
         (f)   Commercial enterprise; and
      (3)   One mile (5,280 feet) of any state highway or county Class A Road.
   (B)   Where the operation of a proposed CAFO is likely to emit foul odors sufficient to create a nuisance or release harmful fumes or presents an unusual danger to the quality of a water source, the applicant shall provide, prior to consideration by the County Planning Commission and in addition to all information and documentation required by the County CAFO conditional use application form, an overall development plan that includes a CNMP approved by the USDA.
   (C)   For the purposes of this chapter, multiple CAFO applications for the same or nearby parcels filed by the same or related individuals or entities shall not be accepted or approved unless filed as one comprehensive CAFO application that will be considered as one operation.
(Ord. 2022-2, passed 2-1-2022)