The following list includes the most common violations on STR Inspections. Other life safety violations discovered by the Building Inspector will be presented to the applicant in the STR Inspection Report.
[  ]   One operable smoke detector in each bedroom, in the major living areas, and on each floor (the major living area can count for the detector on that floor) IRC 314.
[  ]   An operable carbon monoxide detector on each floor installed per the manufacturer’s specifications, when gas appliances are utilized in the structure IRC 314.
[  ]   Gripable hand railing (1 1/4 inches to 2 inches) on all staircases IRC 311.7.8.
[  ]   GFCI plugs are required within 6 feet of all sinks/baths/toilets and all exterior outlets IRC E3902.
[  ]   Sleeping rooms must meet current International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for egress IRC R3111.
[  ]   Each Short-Term Rental Unit shall have at least one operable fire extinguisher.
[  ]   Trash shall not be left stored within public view, except in proper containers for the purpose of collection by an authorized waste hauler on scheduled trash collection days.
[  ]   Short-Term Rental unit(s) with more than five (5) sleeping rooms, or the ability to sleep more than ten (10) occupants, shall receive written approval from the Garfield County Building Inspector prior to occupancy of the Short-Term Rental unit.
[  ]   Required Posting in the Short-Term Rental Unit:
   a.   A copy of the Short-Term Rental Business License.
   b.   The name and phone number of the Owner, Local Contact Person or Manager and local emergency contact information.
   c.   The location of all fire extinguishers and emergency exits.
   d.   A list of all rules applicable for the specific Short-Term Rental.
   e.   The maximum occupancy of the dwelling unit and the maximum number of vehicles allowed.
   f.   Trash pick-up day and applicable rules and regulations pertaining to leaving or storing trash on the exterior of the property.
   g.   A map showing property boundaries and parking spaces.
(Ord. 2021-2, passed 3-22-2021)