The owner or manager of any short-term rental shall ensure occupants of the short-term rental do not:
   (A)   Create noises that by reason of time, nature, intensity, or duration are out of character with noises customarily heard in the surrounding areas;
   (B)   Disturb the peace of surrounding properties by shouting, fighting, playing of loud music, racing of cars or recreational vehicles on streets or engaging in outside recreational or other activities after 10:00 p.m and before 9:00 a.m.;
   (C)   Interfere with the privacy or trespass onto surrounding properties; and
   (D)   Allow pets or animals to create incessant noise, roam the streets without an owner present, trespass on neighboring properties or create any type of mess that is not cleaned up by the owner of the pet or animal.
(Ord. 2021-2, passed 3-22-2021)  Penalty, see § 111.99