There is hereby created the office of County Building Inspector, which shall include the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:
   (A)   To enter, at any reasonable time, and without prior notice, upon the premises of any building where construction, remodeling, or other structural alteration is taking place, or upon any premises deemed to be unsafe, for purposes of inspecting the same;
   (B)   To order all work to be stopped on the construction, remodeling, or structural alteration of any building, when such work is being done in violation of any of the provisions of this subchapter, any applicable law, or regulation. Work shall not proceed on such premises, after the issuance of a stop order, without the prior written consent of the County Building Inspector first had and obtained;
   (C)   To inspect all buildings being constructed, remodeled, or structurally altered, to determine compliance with all applicable building construction and safety coded, and to enforce the provisions of the same;
   (D)   To examine all applications for building permits, to determine their compliance with applicable law, and to review the same with the County Commission; and
   (E)   To review plans for proposed subdivisions with the County Commission.
(Ord. 1986-2, passed 6-16-1986)