General Provisions
   70.01   Adoption by reference of the Uniform Traffic Code for Michigan cities, townships and villages
   70.02   Adoption by reference of provisions of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code
   70.03   Adoption by reference of the Motor Carrier Safety Act
   70.04   Citations
   70.05   Penalty, traffic regulations
Driving While Intoxicated; Liability
   70.20   Purpose
   70.21   Liability; responsible party
   70.22   Additional responsibility
Driver and Vehicle Guidelines
   70.35   Bus, truck or truck trailer; safety standards
   70.36   Private driver qualifications
   70.37   Medical examiner’s certificate
   70.38   Commercial drives employed on or before June 10, 1984
   70.39   Bus drivers
   70.40   Drivers of farm vehicles
   70.41   Mechanics
   70.42   Utility, telephone and cable TV employees
   70.43   Motor vehicles, truck tractor and semi-trailers
   70.44   Exceptions to federal regulations concerning commercial vehicles
   70.45   Hour limitations of driving
   70.46   Duty activities; records
   70.47   Transportation of property or passengers; exceptions
   70.48   Adoption of federal regulations
   70.49   Violations
Weight Restrictions for Commercial Vehicles
   70.60   Load limitations
   70.61   Inspection for excessive loads
   70.62   Violations
   70.99   Penalty