(A)   Failure to timely register a vacant property or any other violation of this chapter shall be a municipal civil infraction. The requirements of this article are in addition to, and not in lieu of all other city ordinances, state law and/or any other rules and regulations as well as the requirements of MCL 125.539(i), which allows for demolition of vacant structures, or nuisance abatement by the city.
   (B)   The first offense or any subsequent offense shall be subject to the procedures and fine schedule in Chapter 41 and any other costs authorized by the court pursuant to MCL 600.8727, MCL 600.8335, or state law. As authorized by MCL 600.8731, in the event such fines and costs are not timely paid, then such fines and costs may become a lien on the property and be placed on the tax roll, or result in a suit for collection of judgment.
(Ord. 19-005, passed 4-22-19)