(A)   Creation of fee. An annual registration and vacant property inspection fee shall be set by the city in the city's administrative fee resolution to offset the cost of processing the form, conducting the safety and maintenance inspections and maintaining the records.
   (B)   Payment of fee. The fee established in division (A) above shall be submitted with the registry information outlined in § 155.05. In addition, in the case where the owner has failed to register, the owner shall be assessed the added cost of the city's, or its designee's, expense in having to determine ownership, which may include, but is not limited to, title search and legal expenses.
   (C)   Unpaid fees; assessment. All fees herein that remain unpaid after 14 days’ written notice to the owner/management company shall be assessed against the property as a lien and placed on the tax roll.
(Ord. 19-005, passed 4-22-19)