The following words and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
   (a)   "Parking meter" means a mechanical device installed for the regulation of parking by lawful authority.  Each parking meter shall contain a slot for the deposit of lawful coin of the United States and a receptacle for receiving and storing such coin.  Each parking meter shall display brief directions as to its operation and the value of lawful coin required to be deposited.  Each parking meter shall contain a timing mechanism which shall indicate either a balance of legal parking time or overtime parking by an appropriate signal at the expiration of such lawful time.
   (b)   "Parking meter space" means a space within a parking meter area, which is designated for the parking of a single vehicle by marked lines on the curb or paved surface area adjacent to a parking meter.  Posted notice on the meter or on signs shall indicate the maximum consecutive parking time limit during which a vehicle may be legally parked in a particular parking meter space and the days and hours when the requirement to deposit lawful coin shall apply.