(A)   If in his judgment traffic conditions, the safety or convenience of the traveling public or the public interest require that the excavation work be performed as emergency work, the City Engineer shall have full power to order, at the time the permit is granted, that a crew of men and adequate facilities be employed by the permittee 24 hours a day to the end that such excavation work may be completed as soon as possible.  ('69 Code, § 18-63)
   (B)   In the event of any emergency in which a sewer, main, conduit or utility in or under any street breaks, bursts or otherwise is in such condition as to immediately endanger the property, life, health or safety of any individual, the person owning or controlling such sewer, main, conduit or utility, without first applying for and obtaining an excavation permit hereunder, shall immediately take proper emergency measures to cure or remedy the dangerous conditions for the protection of property, life, health and safety of individuals. However, such person owning or controlling such facility shall apply for an excavation permit not later than the end of the next succeeding day during which the City Engineer’s office is open for business, and shall not proceed with permanent repairs without first obtaining an excavation permit hereunder.  ('69 Code, § 18-64)
(Am. Ord. O-12-23, passed 11-12-12)  Penalty, see § 10.99