§ 156.01  FINDINGS.
   (A)   On November 12, 2001, City Council awarded to Mid-States Associates a contract for the development of a comprehensive land use plan for the city and on December 10, 2001, approved appointments to the Comprehensive Plan Committee.
   (B)   The Comprehensive Plan Committee throughout 2002 held public meetings as part of the process of developing the Comprehensive Plan.
   (C)   The Planning Commission held public meetings during 2002 to review the plan's development.
   (D)   Joint meetings of the Comprehensive Plan Committee, Planning Commission and City Council were held in September, 2002, and January, 2003, to review the draft of the Comprehensive Plan to date.
   (E)   On March 19, 2003, the Planning Commission held a public meeting and approved sending to City Council a recommendation that the Comprehensive Plan and the 15 maps accompanying it be adopted.
   (F)   On April 28, 2003, City Council voted to adopt the Comprehensive Plan and the 15 accompanying maps, including the Land Use Map.
(Ord. O-03-12, passed 5-12-03)