(A)   Brick and cobblestone streets, such as Johnson Street (intersecting with Park Avenue) and Perry Street (between Main Street and Bench Street), are protected as important parts of the city’s history. Any portion of any brick or cobblestone street surface disturbed by any public or private agency for any reason must be replaced in a manner consistent with original construction. Any bricks or cobblestones removed from any street, whether through repair, reconstruction or removal, are the property of the City of Galena and must be returned to the Street Department.
   (B)   In circumstances where a brick or cobblestone street has previously been paved over with other material, the street shall be returned to its brick or cobblestone surface when resurfacing is required and the brick or cobblestone surface is deemed safe, practical, and economically feasible.
   (C)   Repair. Any utility cuts or other disturbances to brick or cobblestone street surfaces must be repaired in a manner consistent with original construction as outlined in § 97.44.
   (D)   Removal or resurfacing. Occasionally, circumstances may lead to a request for removal or resurfacing with another material of a section of a brick or cobblestone street. In making a determination concerning removal or resurfacing of a brick or cobblestone street, the Historic Preservation Commission must consider one or more of the following factors, plus any other information presented at the time of the request:
      (1)   Adjacent to historic or potentially historic buildings;
      (2)   Majority of the brick surface intact;
      (3)   Importance to neighborhood history;
      (4)   Importance to downtown redevelopment efforts;
      (5)   Structural condition/indications for long-term stability.
   (E)   Review. Review of requests for removal or resurfacing should be conducted prior to project bid, and must be completed before removal or resurfacing can begin. Any contractor or department wishing to remove or alter a brick or cobblestone street surface must submit complete plans to the Historic Preservation Commission, and review of such plans will be placed on the next available agenda of the Commission. The Historic Preservation Commission shall forward its recommendation to the City Council who shall make the final decision.
(Ord. O-12-23, passed 11-12-12)