(A)   The application for an excavation permit to perform excavation work under this chapter shall be accompanied with a cash deposit in the amount set forth in § 97.27.
   (B)   It shall be the sole obligation of permittee to repair and put the street and/or excavation site in as good a condition as it was prior to the excavation. Within 72 hours of the time the permittee completes the excavation work set forth in the excavation permit, the permittee shall make the necessary repairs and complete the proper refilling of the excavation opening.
   (C)   In the event repairs are not completed to the satisfaction of the City Engineer within the 72-hour period, the city will charge permittee the sum of $500 as a fee for service and repairs. Failure to pay the $500 fee will lead to immediate suspension of permittee's contractor license with the city until the sum is paid in full.
   (D)   In the event the repairs made by the permittee fail within six months of the date of repair, the city shall notify the permittee of said failure and permittee shall have 72 hours to correct the failure to the satisfaction of the City Engineer. In the event the repair is not completed within 72 hours, the city will file a claim on permittee's bond and charge permittee an additional $500 as a fee for service and repairs.
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