(A)   No person shall construct, build or maintain any entrance or driveway into his or her place of business or residence in such a manner that any portion of such entrance or driveway shall extend into and upon any portion of any street or alley so as to obstruct or impede travel on the street or alley. No entrance or driveway shall be created in such a way as to allow a hazard by obstruction of the users line of sight to the extent where any portion of a users vehicle pierces the plane of the curb or driven road right of way (which ever occurs first) before achieving safe line of sight. All entrance or driveway locations shall be subject to the approval and design criteria of the City Engineer or his designee prior to construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair permits being issued by the Building Inspector. 
('69 Code, § 18-13)
   (B)   All entrances, approaches and driveways now built or constructed to the business house or residence of any person in such a manner as to interfere or obstruct the travel or traffic on any portion of the full width of any street, alley or sidewalk or which permit the flow of surface or drain water thereon, are hereby declared to be public nuisances. 
('69 Code, § 18-14)
(Ord. passed 6-6-16; Am. Ord. 0-92-28, passed 8-10-92)  Penalty, see § 10.99