Any property owner desiring to install a tubular culvert along any city street shall purchase said tube and accomplish installation thereof under the following culvert policy of the city:
   (A)   The owner of the property requesting the tube shall buy the first tube after receiving the approval of the city as to size of the tube. The property owner may purchase the tube through the city.
   (B)   Installation of the tube shall be accomplished under the following options the choice of which shall be made by the property owner:
      (1)   The city will install the tube.
      (2)   The property owner may hire a contractor to install the tube with prior approval and inspection by the city.
   (C)   The city assumes responsibility for the maintenance of 22 feet of culvert after the first installation. That portion of the culvert in excess of 22 feet shall be the responsibility of the property owner.
   (D)   The city shall have the sole authority to specify the appropriate size of the tube.
   (E)   If the property owner is able to obtain approval from the city for the installation of a plastic tube, the city will not be responsible for a maintenance of the 22 feet referred to in division (C) above.
('69 Code, § 18-20)  (Ord. 0-90-14, passed 6-11-90)