(A)   Smoke detectors must be either permanently wired into the guest accommodation suite structure's AC power line, with battery back-up or be otherwise interrelated so as to comprise a system that is in the sole judgment of the Chief of the Galena Fire Prevention Bureau of equal or greater value. In the event that a smoke detector system is once approved by the Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau, it shall thereafter be deemed to be a system that complies with the requirements of this section. Multi-station units shall be wired or otherwise constituted so that the activation of one detector will activate all of the detectors in the guest accommodation structure or will activate other centrally located warning devices in the structure. Smoke detectors shall be installed as follows: one in each guest room used for sleeping purposes; one in each hallway or corridor on each floor; one in each living room or lounge area; one in each dining room; one in basement and in each workshop area. There shall be at least one smoke detector on each floor of the guest accommodation structure, but excluding unoccupied attics.
   (B)   The guest accommodation owner shall provide such periodic written reports relating to smoke detector testing and maintenance as shall be required by the Fire Prevention Bureau.
('69 Code, § 7-62)  (Ord. O-88-06, passed 2-22-88; Am. Ord. O-98-05, passed 2-23-98; Am. Ord. O-16-21, passed 12-13-16) Penalty, see § 10.99