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15.50.100.   Provisions for Existing Landscape.
   A.   Irrigation of all landscape areas shall be conducted in a manner conforming to the rules and requirements and shall be subject to penalties and incentives for water conservation and water waste prevention, as determined and implemented by the City of Fullerton Water Utility and as may be mutually agreed by the City.
   B.   The City of Fullerton Water Utility and/or the regional may administer programs such as irrigation water use analyses, irrigation surveys and/or irrigation audits, tiered water rate structures, water budgeting by parcel, or other approaches to achieve landscape water use efficiency community-wide to a level equivalent to or less than would be achieved by applying a MAWA calculated with an ETAF of 0.8 to all landscape areas in the City over one acre in size.
   C.   The architectural guidelines of a common interest development, including apartments, condominiums, planned developments, and stock cooperatives, shall not prohibit or include conditions that have the effect of prohibiting the use of low-water use plants as a group.
(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016)