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15.50.052.   Certified Grading Plan.
   A.   For the efficient use of water, grading of a landscape project site shall be designed to minimize soil erosion, runoff, and water waste. Finished grading configuration of the landscape area, including pads, slopes, drainage, post-construction erosion control, and stormwater control Best Management Practices, as applicable, shall be shown on the Landscape Design Plan unless this information is fully included in separate Grading Plans for the project, or unless the project is limited to replacement planting and/or irrigation to rehabilitate an existing landscape area. If separate Grading Plans have been or are prepared, submit a copy with Landscape Design Plans.
   B.   The project applicant shall submit a landscape grading plan that indicates finished configurations and elevations of the landscape area including:
      •   Height of graded slopes;
      •   Drainage patterns;
      •   Pad elevations;
      •   Finish grade; and
      •   Storm water retention improvements, if applicable.
   C.   To prevent excessive erosion and runoff, it is highly recommended that the project applicant:
      •   Grade so that all irrigation and normal rainfall remains within property lines and does not drain on to non-permeable hardscapes;
      •   Avoid disruption of natural drainage patterns and undisturbed soil; and
      •   Avoid soil compaction in landscape areas.
   D.   The Grading Design Plan shall contain the following statement: “I have complied with the criteria of the ordinance and applied them accordingly for the efficient use of water in the grading design plan” and shall bear the signature of the landscape professional, as required by law.
(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016)