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15.50.080.   Landscape and irrigation maintenance requirements.
   A.   Each landscaped area shall be regularly maintained including proper pruning, staking, mowing and aerating of lawns, weeding, removing litter, fertilizing, and replenishing mulch as needed to replace mineral levels. Plants shall remain in a healthy growing condition or be replaced. Like-for-like replacements require no approval. Modifications shall be reviewed pursuant to Section 15.50.070.
   B.   The irrigation system shall be regularly maintained and evaluated to utilize the minimum amount of water required to maintain plant health and ensure water use efficiency. Irrigation schedules shall meet the following criteria:
      1.   Irrigation scheduling shall be regulated by automatic irrigation controllers.
      2.   Overhead irrigation shall be scheduled in accordance with the City of Fullerton Water Utility’s Water Conservation Ordinance. Operation of the irrigation system outside the normal watering window is allowed for auditing and system maintenance.
(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016; Ord. 3134, 2009)