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15.50.025.   General provisions.
   A.   Each landscaped area shall be located, designed and material selected such that at any time, including at maturity, it maximizes summer shade and winter solar gain and does not, interfere with visibility, access, building integrity, or utility infrastructure.
   B.   Each landscaped area shall be designed to minimize disruption to existing mature landscaping that is in good, healthy condition, and every effort shall be made to retain and incorporate said landscaping into the overall landscape theme.
   C.   Each landscaped area shall include a combination of materials compatible with the shape, topography and soil conditions of the site, as well as the architectural characteristics of the structure(s) on the site.
   D.   Each landscaped area shall use native and appropriate non-native plants adapted to site conditions, climate, and design intent to support biodiversity, reduced pesticide use, and water conservation, with particular avoidance of the use of invasive plant species defined by the California Invasive Plant Council.
   E.   Each landscaped area shall be designed with an efficient irrigation system that waters only targeted areas when needed in relation to soil and climatic conditions.
   F.   Each landscaped area shall be installed in accordance with approved landscape and irrigation plans.
   G.   Each landscaped area shall be regularly maintained following installation to reach and retain a healthy, established growing condition.
(Ord. 3134, 2009)