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15.50.010.   Purpose and intent.
   A.   The purpose of the Fullerton Landscape Ordinance is to establish standards for the provision of landscaping within the City of Fullerton while promoting conservation and the efficient use of water, prevention of erosion, protection from fire, and restoration of natural systems.
   B.   The intent of the Fullerton Landscape Ordinance is to maximize the range of landscape materials and design possibilities within the framework established by this Chapter.
   C.   The Fullerton Landscape Ordinance includes by reference the following chapters of the Fullerton Municipal Code:
      9.06 - Community Forestry
      12.06-Water Supply Shortage Conservation Plan
      12.04 - Water Regulations
      12.18- Water Quality Ordinance
      13.19- Fire Prevention Standards
      14.03 - Erosion Control
   If a discrepancy arises between Chapter 15.50 and the above chapters, the provisions requiring the most landscaping quantities and the stricter design criteria shall apply, unless otherwise determined by the Directors of Development Services and Engineering and the Fire Chief.
(Ord. 3134, 2009)