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15.90.040. Activities exempt from standards.
   A.   The following activities shall be exempt from the noise level standards specified by this chapter:
      1.   School bands, school athletic and school entertainment events.
      2.   Outdoor gatherings, public dances, shows and sporting and entertainment events provided the events are conducted pursuant to a permit and/or license issued by the city.
      3.   Activities conducted on public parks, public playgrounds and public or private school grounds.
      4.   Any mechanical device, apparatus or equipment used, related to or connected with the use of machinery, vehicles, or work due to an emergency.
      5.   All mechanical devices, apparatus or equipment which are utilized for the protection or salvage of agricultural crops during periods of potential or actual frost damage or other adverse weather conditions.
      6.   Mobile noise sources associated with agricultural pest control through pesticide application.
      7.   Noise from vehicular traffic on public streets.
   B.   For the drilling of water wells, the Director of Development Services may approve or conditionally approve an exception or limited exemption from the noise level standards of this chapter.
(Ord. 2982, 2001)