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15.66.010. Intent and purpose.
   A.   There is created a separate category of application pursuant to Government Code 65900 to provide a simplified means for considering, for practical reasons, certain minor requests consistent with the intent and purpose of this title.
   B.   Minor deviations from certain development standards set forth in this title shall be termed Minor Exceptions. Unless otherwise provided by amendment to this chapter, said Minor Exceptions shall consist of the following, where it can be determined that the project is exempt from CEQA.
      1.   A decrease of not more than 5 percent in parking space dimensions;
      2.   A decrease of not more than 20 percent of required setbacks;
      3.   An increase of not more than 20 percent of maximum wall heights; and
      4.   A deviation of not more than 10 percent of all other mathematically measured or computed standards in this title.
   C.   Any request for a Minor Exception that is of significant enough nature such that it constitutes a project pursuant to CEQA (Public Resources Code Section §21065) and does not qualify for a Categorical or Statutory Exemption shall be required to apply as a variance and shall not be eligible for a Minor Exception pursuant to this Chapter.
(Ord. 3232 (part), 2016; Ord. 3131 (part), 2009; Ord. 2982, 2001).