(A)   Each transient merchant desiring to engage in, do and transact business in the city shall file a verified application for a permit for that purpose with the Chief of Police or his/her agent and shall include the following information:
      (1)   The name and residence address of the applicant;
      (2)   The address and location of the building, permanent or mobile building, structure, real estate, or other place in which the person expects to do business;
      (3)   A list of the make and character of goods, wares and merchandise that person intends to sell;
      (4)   The name and address of employer, if any;
      (5)   The dates and times for which the applicant intends to do business;
      (6)   If employer is a corporation, the state of its incorporation, whether it is authorized to do business in the State of Indiana, and evidence that the corporation has designated a resident agency in Indiana upon whom legal service may be made and that the corporation will be responsible for the acts of its employees;
      (7)   A copy of a valid government issued photo identification;
      (8)   The applicant's fingerprints taken within the previous 60 days by the Fort Wayne Police Department; and
      (9)   A list of all convictions, the nature of the offense, and any penalty imposed, excluding traffic violations.
   (B)   Upon receipt of each application, the Chief of Police or his/her agent shall conduct an investigation of the applicant's business reputation, moral character and criminal background. If upon investigation, the applicant's character is found to be unsatisfactory, no permit shall be issued.
(Ord. G-4-15, passed 4-14-15)