(A)   Enforcement of this subchapter shall be implemented by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department, the Fort Wayne Fire Department, the Fort Wayne Police Department, Allen County Building Department and Fort Wayne Neighborhood Code Enforcement. This may be done by noting compliance with this subchapter on any other form already used for annual building inspections.
   (B)   Owners, operators, managers or employees having control over a place of employment, restaurant, public place, enclosed area or other area where smoking is prohibited hereunder, and any citizen who desires to register a complaint under this subchapter, may initiate enforcement by calling the City Fire Department. If the Fire Department is not involved in other higher priority activities, someone will be dispatched to issue a citation to the offending party.
(Ord. G-03-07, passed 1-23-07; Am. Ord. G-14-07, passed 6-5-07) Penalty, see § 95.99