The following operating requirements shall apply to motor vehicle transportation within the city:
   (A)   Vehicles transporting hazardous materials shall obey all state and local traffic and parking regulations;
   (B)   Vehicles transporting hazardous materials shall operate at all times with their headlights illuminated;
   (C)   Transporting hazardous materials shall not permit the discharge of hazardous materials into or upon any street, highway, sanitary sewer, drainage canal or ditch or flood control channel, or upon the ground, including any private property, except when such discharge is expressly permitted by the property owner and is otherwise legal;
   (D)   Transporters of hazardous materials shall not create a hazard to the public by the location or condition of their vehicles which contain hazardous materials; and
   (E)   Transporters, shippers, and receivers of hazardous materials must possess a manifest of Bill of Lading in compliance with any applicable federal law with designations which include, but shall not be limited to, points of origin and destination and the materials being transported.
(Ord. G-24-99, passed 12-14-99)