(A)   It shall constitute a violation of this section for a person to use or offer for use a horse in a rental horse business or to own or operate a stable without a permit issued pursuant to this section. No owner or operator of a rental horse business shall allow a carriage driver to operate without a valid chauffeur's or operator's license to drive.
   (B)   Permits shall be issued for a term of one year and shall be subject to annual renewal.
   (C)   Applications for renewal shall be submitted to the Department a minimum of ten business days prior to expiration of the current permit. Such applications shall contain the name and address of the owner and operator of the horse and the rental horse business in which such horse is to be used and the owner and operator of the stable. The horse shall be identified by breed, age, sex, color, markings, and the location of the stable where the horse is to be stabled recorded on a veterinary certificate provided by the department. No permit shall be transferable. Upon the transfer of ownership of the rental rights to any horse,, the operator shall obtain a new permit for such horse within 30 days of the transfer date.
   (D)   The annual fee for a permit or renewal shall be $25 per horse for carriage horses and $10 per horse for riding horses, and shall be paid concurrently with submission of an application to the Department.
   (E)   Each horse permitted under this section shall receive an official identification number for use during its duration with the rental horse business.
   (F)   The owner or operator of a rental horse business shall keep accurate daily records of the activities of each carriage horse including driver's name, horse's identification number, and vehicle license plate number, time departed stable and time returned to the stable. Such records shall be kept in a location available upon request by the Department while the horse is working.
   (G)   An owner or operator of a rental horse business shall make the stable in which rental horses are kept or maintained open for inspection at a reasonable time by authorized personnel of the Department.
(Ord. G-23-18, passed 9-25-18) Penalty, see § 91.999