(A)   A person who has a grooming establishment shall obtain a grooming establishment permit. Approval from the Department of Planning Services is required prior to permit issuance. Permit must be obtained annually.
   (B)   A permit holder may require proof of vaccinations against common diseases be provided to the establishment operator as a condition to providing grooming services for a dog or cat.
   (C)   Cost. $100.
   (D)   All permits will be issued under this section only after inspection and approval by the Department, provided all other requirements of this chapter are met.
   (E)   A late fee will be assessed for a permit renewal that is in excess of 30 days beyond the expiration date. A permit reinstatement fee will be assessed when requesting re-inspection for approval after a revocation of a permit has occurred.
(Ord. G-23-18, passed 9-25-18)