(A)   This permit shall allow the holder to operate a kennel or cattery and a grooming establishment and/or pet shop.
   (B)   The permit holder is not required to obtain individual permits but all requirements for each of the separate permits shall be met prior to the issuance of the omnibus permit. Animal(s)s owned as personal pets by the omnibus permit holder will not be considered registered under the omnibus permit.
   (C)   Cost: $300.
   (D)   All permits will be issued under this section only after inspection and approval by the Department, provided all other requirements of this chapter are met.
   (E)   A late fee will be assessed for a permit renewal that is in excess of 30 days beyond the expiration date. A permit reinstatement fee will be assessed when requesting re-inspection for approval after a revocation of a permit has occurred.
(Ord. G-23-18, passed 9-25-18)