(A)   It shall be a violation of this chapter to be a habitual animal offender. A court may limit, restrict, or prohibit animal ownership for a person deemed to be a habitual animal offender for a minimum of five years up to and including a lifetime prohibition from animal ownership, after considering the recommendation of the Department.
   (B)   Once deemed a habitual animal offender the Department will determine if a transfer of ownership will be permitted based on the case surrounding the animal(s), the risk to public safety and the suitability of the potential new owner. If a transfer is approved, the maximum time to transfer ownership shall be no more than three business days. All transfers must occur at the Department to ensure compliance and a recorded transfer of ownership.
      (1)   If a transfer is not approved by the Department, the person fails to bring the animal(s) in for transfer or failure to transfer within the guidelines provided in (B) above, shall result in the animal(s) being impounded and the animal(s) shall become the property of the Department.
   (C)   A habitual animal offender shall be prohibited from claiming an animal(s) once the courts have deemed the person to be a habitual animal offender.
(Ord. G-23-18, passed 9-25-18) Penalty, see § 91.999