(A)   The fee schedule for the Department is as follows (subject to future amendment):
Redemption by owner & surrender
   First redemption
   Second redemption
   Third redemption
   Fourth or subsequent redemption in a two (2) year period
   Surrender / drop off fee for non-city resident*
$25 -1st animal
$10 each additional animal
$5 per pocket pet
Protective custody impound
   Reasons of fire, death, accident, acts of God
   Reasons of arrest, seized for abuse, cruelty, abandonment, court case hold etc.
No cost for first 3 days;
then $10/day (cat),
$15/day (dog)
$5/day (small animals/reptiles)
$10/day (cat),
$15/day (dog),
$5/day (small animals/reptiles)
Daily boarding**
   Daily boarding fee for cat after legal hold
   Daily boarding fee for dog after legal hold
   Daily boarding fee for small Animal after legal hold
Quarantine boarding
   10 day quarantine cat (per day)
   10 day quarantine dog (per day)
Medical fees
   Medications & preventative care (per dose)
   Minor medical treatment
   Major medical treatment
$5 - $100
$10 - $300
$300 - $1,000
$10 - $200
$30 - $250
Pet registrations & microchips
   Annual registration for altered animal
   Lifetime registration for altered animal with microchip
   Annual registration for unaltered animal
   Senior (62+) annual reg. For altered animal
   Senior (62+) lifetime for altered animal w/mc
Euthanasia & disposal
   Euthanasia per animal does not include disposal fee
   Euthanasia of small pocket pets; includes disposal
   Disposal fee
$10 - $50
Adoption Packages***
   Puppy (under 6 months old)
   Small dog (under 25 lbs, 6 months-8 years old)
   Large dog (+25 lbs, 6 months - 5 years old)
   Senior small dog (under 25 lbs, 9 years and older)
   Senior large dog (+25 lbs, 6 years and older)
   Cats & kittens
   Guinea pig, rabbit, rats, cockatiel
   Chinchilla, exotic large bird, reptile
   Small animals (hamster, gerbil, mice, small bird)
   Pet supplies or accessories
$5 - $50
Field services
   Trap deposit (wildlife and owned Animal)
   Trap rental per day
   Pick up of owned animal
   Pick up for disposal of small wild animal (rabbit, squirrel, bird, chipmunk)
$25-1st animal
$10 each additional animal
   Residential kennel/cattery permit
   Exhibitors permit
   Commercial kennel/cattery permit
   Grooming permit
   Minor breeder permit
   Major breeder permit
   Pet shop permit
   Circus, animal concession, animal event, commercial
   animal, exhibitor permits
   Omnibus permit
   Late fee and/or reinstatement fee
$400 - $500
$500 - $1,000
$10 - $100
Educational and rental fees
   Animal care teens
   Summer camp
   CPR class
   Education center rental
$100 - $200
$35 ($20 for employees / volunteers)
Other miscellaneous fees
   Declassification dog bite injury fee
   UPS shipping of biting animals for state testing
   Returned check fee
   Deferral program
   Additional deferral registrant
   Training program/class
   $25 - $50
*   Partnering animal welfare organizations are exempt from the non-city surrender/drop off fees. Non-city surrender/drop off fees may be waived for citizens when approved contracts have been signed with outside jurisdictions to accept the residents animals.
**   An owner or harborer who requests the department hold a stray animal longer than the three day stray period must be approved by management/supervisory personnel. Additional fees per day will be incurred and is the responsibility of the owner or harborer.
***   Adoption package fees may include but are not limited to: spay/neuter, heartworm test, rabies, microchip, medical and/or preventative care. Medical treatment and preventative care the animal(s) received from intake, prior to animal(s) being adopted, shall be at the expense of the department and not part of the adoption package. Adoption related fees may be adjusted based on available grants or special programming.
   (B)   Owners or harborers shall be responsible for paying all services rendered to the animal(s) if they fail to claim the animal(s) by its legal hold period. This includes but it not limited to: spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, medical and preventative care and any other medical treatment provided for the animal(s).
   (C)   Fees may be waived and/or adjusted only in the discretion of management/supervisory personnel.
   (D)   Partnering animal welfare organizations may receive discounted pricing from the Department for services provided when assisting with the placement of shelter animal(s).
   (E)   Current Department employees may receive discounted pricing for medications, pet supplies, microchips, euthanasia and disposal, and/or minor medical treatments at the discretion of management/supervisory personnel.
(Ord. G-23-18, passed 9-25-18)