(A)   The Planning Department shall evaluate all applications for voluntary annexation on a case-by- case basis, based on the city’s annexation strategy.
   (B)   The Planning Department shall set minimum application requirements for voluntary annexation.
   (C)   The city shall make every attempt to delineate all future annexation boundaries along recognizable boundaries such as current property lines, rights-of-way, and natural features in order to prevent problems associated with split jurisdiction properties.
   (D)   The Plan Commission may accept extraterritorial jurisdiction pursuant to IC 36-7-4-205(h) over any property contiguous to current city boundaries, including any lot or property split by the city limits, subsequent to the approval of such a request by the Allen County Board of Commissioners.
   (E)   The Plan Commission, after evaluating the impact to the city, may enter into an interlocal agreement to accept or relinquish zoning and planning jurisdiction of any project or property split by the city limits and the corporate limits of another city or town, at the request of the property owner and the approval of the outlying city or town.
   (F)   The Planning Department shall provide annexation boundaries within 30 days of approval of the annexation ordinance, to the Allen County Department of Planning Services for consideration with future development proposals.
   (G)   The Planning Department shall review, with cooperation of the Allen County Plan Commission and BZA, through interlocal agreement, proposed development applications (see interlocal def) within an approved annexation area to determine the possibility of future problems with split lots and conformance with city ordinances identified in the interlocal agreement.
(Res. R-17-04, passed 3-23-04)