It shall be unlawful for any motorist, when approaching a parked (defined as located within six inches of the curb or side of road, whichever is applicable) ice cream truck from any direction at a time when such ice cream truck is displaying the metal extendable arm and the flashing lights, to fail to come to a complete stop at least ten feet from the closest end of said ice cream truck or to fail to then proceed with caution past such ice cream truck at a reasonable and prudent speed and to yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian who crosses the roadway to or from the side of said ice cream truck; provided, that on any street or highway divided into two or more roadways by leaving an intervening pace which is unimproved and not intended for vehicular traffic, or by a physical barrier or by a dividing section constructed to impede vehicular traffic, if the ice cream truck is on the opposite side of such traffic barrier, the driver of the approaching vehicle need not stop but shall proceed with due caution for the safety of the customers of the ice cream truck.
(Ord. G-4-15, passed 4-14-15)