(A)   The city is hereby authorized to participate in the County Employees Retirement System effect August 1, 1994, and that all eligible regular full-time officers and employees of the city are hereby authorized and directed to comply with the statutory requirements of this retirement system.
   (B)   All employees whose duties require an average of 100 hours during each working month be considered as “regular full-time” employees for county requirement purposes, except those employees excluded as shown below, which may participate in the system separately and those other persons who are employed as “temporary”, “part-time” and “seasonal” workers, as defined in KRS 78.510(21) of the County Employees Retirement Laws.
   (C)   The city intends to include the police and firefighters under the hazardous duty coverage of the County Employees Retirement System.
   (D)   The city shall make no further payments into the city's existing retirement plan for any new employees hired on or after August 1, 1994, or for any existing employee who elects to join the County Employees Retirement System.
(Ord. 1994-6, passed 6-20-94; Am. Ord. 1994-8, passed 7-18-94)