(A)   Pursuant to the provisions of KRS Chapter 237, the city does hereby prohibit the carrying of concealed deadly weapons, including firearms, in all buildings or portions thereof owned, leased or occupied by the city.  This provision shall not apply to any police officer authorized to carry a concealed deadly weapon.
   (B)   All buildings or portions of buildings where the carrying of concealed deadly weapons is prohibited shall be clearly identified by signs posted at the entrance to the restricted area.
   (C)   Any person or persons violating this section may be denied entrance to the building or ordered to leave the building.
   (D)   In addition, any employee of the city who violates this section shall be subject to employee disciplinary measures.
   (E)   This section shall not apply to any building or portion thereof used for public housing by private persons, highway rest areas, firing ranges or private dwellings, owned, leased or controlled by the city.
(Ord. 1996-16, passed 11-4-96)  Penalty, see § 130.99