A.   A special use permit granted by the board of adjustment is required for the establishment of hunting grounds. The granting of a special use permit shall meet the requirements provided for in chapter 22 of this title. (Ord. D-010, 12-3-2013; amd. Ord. D-39, 1-17-2017)
   B.   An application for a special use permit shall be filed with the zoning administrator and shall include the following:
      1.   A reproducible map that shows the following items:
         a.   Parcels proposed for hunting.
         b.   All buildings located on the proposed hunting ground and within two hundred (200) yards of the proposed hunting grounds including a two hundred (200) yard buffer surrounding these buildings.
         c.   Location of any hunting related structures (blinds, stands, etc.) must be depicted on the map submitted. If new blinds, stands, etc., are to be erected, the map must be updated and submitted to the police chief for approval. Upon approval from the police chief, the new map must be submitted to the zoning director prior to erection.
   C.   The holder of the special use permit shall be required to meet the following requirements:
      1.   All hunting and firearm use must meet and follow all applicable Iowa department of natural resources regulations.
      2.   Hunting will only be allowed from a blind or stand.
      3.   Hunting will only be by shotgun or archery.
      4.   Archery hunting will only be allowed from a stand no less than twelve feet (12') above grade.
      5.   Releasing an arrow and/or discharging a shotgun on or over buffer areas surrounding buildings as depicted on the map submitted or over neighboring land not included in the hunting grounds is prohibited.
      6.   All hunters must carry with them while hunting written landowner permission to hunt. Written permission must include a map of where hunting is allowed. The permission form shall be supplied by the city; copies needed shall be made by the holder of the special use permit.
      7.   Written landowner permission must be furnished to a peace officer upon request.
      8.   Written permission must be renewed on an annual basis, except relatives of the owner of said hunting grounds may be given permission for up to five (5) years.
      9.   Consumption of alcohol while in possession of a loaded firearm or while hunting from a stand or elevated platform is prohibited.
      10.   A certificate of insurance listing the city of Fort Madison as an additional insured must be submitted to the planning and zoning director annually. A minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) liability insurance is required.
   D.   The special use permit shall be personal to the applicant and not transferable.
   E.   The special use permit shall not be approved by board of adjustment without the approval of the police chief.
   F.   The special use permit shall be valid for one (1) year only, after which time an application may be made for renewal for a period of three (3) years. The permit may be renewed upon the approval of the board of adjustment. (Ord. D-010, 12-3-2013)