For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BUSINESS.  A building or portion of a building used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to stores, offices, professional services or other similar-type transactions.
   DWELLING UNIT.  A single unit providing complete, independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation.
   PREMISES.  Land, buildings, or other structures, vehicles, watercraft, or parts thereof, upon or in which refuse is stored.
   RECYCLABLE MATERIAL.  Any item deemed as a recyclable by the waste hauler of record by the city.
   REFUSE.  All solid wastes of a community, including garbage, ashes, rubbish, dead animals, street cleanings, and solid market and industrial wastes, but not including body wastes.
('83 Code, § 94.01) (Ord. 0-16-66, passed 10-3-66; Am. Ord. O-8-92, passed 6-15-92)