(A)   Where it is impractical to tie or connect the house storm drain system directly to a storm sewer, the storm water shall be carried underground in pipe to be disposed of in the gutter of the public street abutting the lot on which construction or improvement is taking place.  If it is necessary to cut the curb to place storm drains so that storm water will empty into the public street gutter, the curb shall be patched and grouted in a clean, workmanlike manner acceptable to the Building Inspector and at the cost of the owner or contractor.
   (B)   If storm water cannot be disposed of in a public storm sewer or street gutter, the storm water shall be carried in pipe into the back yard to a point approximately equidistant from the two side lot lines, the rear lot line, and the rear line of the structure.  No storm water shall be discharged toward or in the immediate vicinity of a property line.  The termination of the line shall be marked so that during final inspection the Building Inspector may approve or order changes in same.
('83 Code, § 50.06) (Ord. 0-15-74, passed 4-1-74)