Section 8.3.  Ordinances -- Identification; repeal; amendment; records; Code.
   (a)   Each ordinance, after adoption, shall be identified by a number and title.
   (b)   An ordinance or a part of an ordinance may be repealed or amended only by an ordinance passed in the manner provided in this section.  An ordinance may be repealed by reference to its number and title only.
   (c)   If a section of an ordinance is amended, the section shall be re-enacted and published in full.  In the event only a subsection of an ordinance is amended, the council need only re-enact and publish said subsection in full provided that the publication shall contain a notice to the effect that the complete copy of the ordinance is available for public use and inspection at the office of the city clerk. This requirement shall not apply to the schedule of stop streets, one-way streets, parking limitations or other regulations contained in any traffic ordinance or vehicular traffic regulating portion of the city's Code.
   (d)   Each ordinance shall be recorded by the clerk forthwith in the ordinance book, and the enactment of such ordinance and the effective date thereof shall be certified by him herein.
   (e)   The ordinances of the city shall be set forth in code form as soon as practicable.