Section 5.9.  Removal from office.
   Removals by the council of elective officers or of members or boards of commissions shall be made for either of the following reasons:
   (a)   For any reason specified by statute for removal of city officers by the governor.
   (b)   For any act declared by this Charter to constitute misconduct in office.  Such removals by the council shall be made only after a hearing of which the officer has been given notice by the clerk at least ten days in advance, either personally or by certified mail, addressed to him at his last known place of residence.  Such notice shall include a copy of the charges against the officer.  The hearing shall afford an opportunity to the officer, in person or by attorney, to be heard in his defense, to cross-examine witnesses and to present testimony.  If the officer shall neglect to appear at the hearing and answer the charges, his failure to do so may be deemed cause for his removal.  A majority vote of the members of the council in office at the time, exclusive of any member whose removal is being considered, shall be required for any such removal.