Section 2.2.  Specific powers.
   The powers of the city shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
   (1)   Acquisition of property for public use.  The acquisition by purchase, gift, condemnation, lease, construction, or in any manner permitted by statute, of private property of every type and nature for pubic use, which property may be located within or without the City of Fremont and which may be required for or incidental to the present or future exercise of the purposes, powers and duties of the city, either proprietary or otherwise;
   (2)    Maintenance, operation, disposal, etc., of city property.  The maintenance, development, operation, leasing, sale, conveyance and disposal of city property, real or personal, subject to any restrictions placed thereon by statute or this Charter;
   (3)   Special assessment refunds.  The refunding of money advanced or paid on special assessments;
   (4)   Purchase or condemnation of franchise, etc.  The purchase or condemnation of the franchises and of the property used in the operation of companies or individuals engaged in the cemetery, hospital, electric light, gas, heat, water and power business;
   (5)   Streets, alleys, etc. -- Use, regulation, etc., generally.  The use, regulation, improvement, and control of the surface of its streets, alleys, public ways and other public places and of the space above and beneath them;
   (6)   Same -- Use by public utility.  The use of property located in streets, alleys and public places in the operation of a public utility;
   (7)   Same -- Plan.  The providing of a plan of streets and alleys within and for a distance beyond the municipal limits as permitted by state law;
   (8)   Public parking facilities.  The acquisition, establishment, operation, extension and maintenance of facilities for the storage and parking of vehicles within its corporate limits, including the fixing and collection of charges for services and use thereof on a public utility basis, and for such purpose to acquire by gift, purchase, condemnation, or otherwise, the land necessary therefore;
   (9)   Steams, waters and water courses.  The use, control and regulation of streams, waters and water courses within its boundaries, subject to any limitations imposed by statute;
   (10)   Zoning.  The establishing of districts or zones within which the use of land and structures, the height, the area, the size and location of buildings and required open spaces for light and ventilation of such building and the density of population may be regulated by ordinance in accordance with statutory provisions governing zoning;
   (11)   Trades, occupations, amusements, etc.  The regulation and licensing of trades, occupations, amusements, businesses and establishments within the city, not inconsistent with state and federal laws, and for the prohibition of such trades, occupations, amusements, businesses and establishments as are detrimental to the health, morals, safety, or welfare of its inhabitants;
   (12)   Signs and billboards.  The licensing, regulating, restricting and limiting the number and locations of advertising signs or displays and billboards within the city;
   (13)   Dangerous, offensive or unhealthy things; nuisances.  The preventing of injury or annoyance to the inhabitants of the city from anything which is dangerous, offensive or unhealthful, and to prevent and abate nuisances and punish those occasioning them or neglecting or refusing to abate, discontinue, or remove the same;
   (14)   Licenses.  The prescribing of the terms and conditions upon which licenses may be granted, suspended or revoked; requiring payment of reasonable sums for licenses; and requiring the furnishing of a bond to the city for the faithful observance of the conditions under which licenses are granted and otherwise conditioning such licenses as the council may prescribe;
   (15)   House trailers and mobile homes.  The prohibiting or regulating the use, occupancy, sanitation and parking of house trailers or mobile homes within the city, and the right of the city to so regulate any house trailer shall not be abrogated because of any detachment thereof from its wheels or because of placing it on, or attaching it to, the ground by means of any temporary or permanent foundation, or in any manner whatsoever;
   (16)   Sidewalks.  The requiring an owner of real property within the city to construct or repair sidewalks abutting upon such property, and if owner fails to comply with such requirements, to construct or repair sidewalks and assess the cost thereof against the property abutting upon said sidewalks;
   (17)   Public hazards and nuisances.  The requiring an owner of real property within the city to abate public hazards and nuisances which are dangerous to the health or safety of inhabitants of the city within a reasonable time after the council notified said owner that such hazard or nuisances exists, and if the owner fails to comply with such requirements, or if the owner is unknown, to abate or demolish such hazards and nuisances and assess the cost thereof against the property;
   (18)   Snow, ice or other obstructions on sidewalks.  The compelling of owners of real property within the city to keep sidewalks abutting upon their property clear from snow, ice or other obstructions, and if the owner fails to comply with such requirements, to remove such snow, ice or other obstructions and assess the cost thereof against the abutting property;
   (19)   Trees and shrubs.  The control over all trees, shrubs and plants in the public streets, highways, parks or other public places in the city, all dead and diseased trees on private property, and trees on private property overhanging the streets, sidewalks or public places and the removal thereof, and assessing the cost thereof, against the property;  and to regulate the planting of trees, plants and shrubs on private property which obstructs vision in or upon the public right-of-way so as to be a hazard to public safety;
   (20)   Subdivision platting.  The requiring of the platting of all land or premises within the city hereafter subdivided, in accordance with the terms and conditions as may be provided by ordinance, subject to any limitations imposed by statue;
   (21)   Street lighting.  The providing for and regulating the lighting of streets and alleys;
   (22)   Building numbers.  The providing for and regulating the numbering of buildings upon property abutting streets and alleys and compelling the owners and occupants thereof to affix numbers thereto.
   (23)   Combustibles or explosives; open fires.  The regulating and prohibiting the use of firearms, fireworks, combustible or explosive substances or materials within the city, and to regulate and prohibit the making of fires in the streets or other open spaces in the city;
   (24)   Fences.  The regulating the height and construction and location of all fences now or hereafter to be built within the city;
   (25)   Traffic and parking.  The regulating of traffic and the parking of automobiles and other vehicles, regulating the speed of vehicles, upon or across the streets within the provisions and limitations of law, and the stopping and parking of the same upon the streets and at street crossings, and to provide for impounding all vehicles parked in violation of such regulations;
   (26)   Junkyards.  The licensing and regulating of junk yards and places for the dismantling, wrecking and disposing of the junk and/or refuse material of automobiles; prescribing rules, regulations and conditions for the operation of the same; providing penalties for the operation of the same without a license and for the violation of any rule, regulation or condition;
   (27)   Refuse and garbage accumulation.  The regulating, limiting or prohibiting the private keeping, storing and/or accumulation of ashes, rubbish, garbage, junk and parts of old automobiles or other refuse material upon the streets or alleys of the city or on unenclosed private property, and to provide for declaring the same to be a public nuisance;
   (28)   Buildings; fire zones.  The regulating, limiting or prohibiting the construction, erection, alteration, equipment, repair, moving removal, use and demolition of buildings and structures and their appurtenances and service equipment; and create and enforce fire zones or districts in the city for the diminishing and control of the hazards of fire in such zones or districts;
   (29)   Refuse and garbage collection.  The collecting and disposing of garbage and rubbish and licensing, regulating and prohibiting the same when done by others than the city;
   (30)   Fire protection.  The providing of fire protection for all properties within the city, public or private by establishing and providing a fire department together with all its needs and requirements or by contracting with other corporations, firms or persons, municipal, public or private for the furnishing of adequate faire protection;
   (31)   City services outside city.  The furnishing of city services to persons, firms, corporations or governing bodies outside the corporate limits of the city;
   (32)   Construction, operation, etc., of structure, etc., intended for public purposes.  The constructing, providing, maintaining, extending, operating, regulating and improving any structure or facility which is devoted to or intended for public purposes within the scope of the powers of the city;
   (33)   Pollution.  The abatement of air, water, land, noise, or other types of pollution which would be contrary to the best interest of the City of Fremont.