Section 2.1.  General powers.
   Unless otherwise provided or limited in this Charter, the city and its officers shall have all the powers, privileges and immunities, expressed or implied, which cities are or hereafter may be permitted by law to use or to include in their charters.
   The city and its officers shall have the power to manage and control its finances, (including inter-fund borrowing) rights, interests, buildings and property; to enter into contracts; to do any act to advance the interest, good government and prosperity of the city and its residents; to protect the public peace, health, morals, safety and general welfare; and to prevent and restrain crime and vice.
   In the use of such powers, the city may enact and enforce ordinances, rules and regulations and take such other needed action not inconsistent with law.
   The listing of particular powers, privileges or immunities in this section or elsewhere in this Charter shall not be held to be exclusive.