Manufacturing District M-2 consists mainly of areas occupied by or suitable for manufacturing and industrial activities whose generation of nuisance effects is ordinarily greater than that of industries permitted in M-1 District.
   (A)   Minimum requirements for lot area, width and setback.
      Lot area:  20,000 SF
      Lot width:  100'
         Front:  25'
         Rear:  35'
         Side:  20'
      (1)   When abutting a Residential District, the side yard shall be 35 feet.
      (2)   In all cases where the side yard is adjacent to a side street, the side yard shall not be less than 20 feet.
   (B)   See § 155.023 for supplementary district regulations and exceptions and parking requirements applying to the M-2 District.
   (C)   See § 155.060 (D) and (E) for temporary use permits that may be granted by the Board of Adjustment, and additional specific use permits that may be recommended by the City Planning Commission within the M-2 District under certain circumstances and conditions.
   (D)   Permitted uses and parking regulations.
      (1)   If a use that is permitted in Residential, C-1, C-2, W or M-1 District is established in the M-2 District, the parking requirements for that use shall be the same as required for that particular use in the district in which the use is specifically permitted.
      (2)   In the M-2 District, manufacturing, industrial and processing establishments, repair shops, warehouses and storage facilities, in addition to providing off-street facilities for the loading and
unloading of merchandise and goods, shall provide one off-street parking space for each 1,000 square feet of general floor space, and one off-street parking space for each 400 square feet of office floor space.
      (3)   In the M-2 District, except as otherwise provided in the Zoning Ordinance, no land shall be used and no building shall be erected for or converted to any use other than:
   Permitted Uses:
   Any use permitted in the R-1, R-2, R-3, C-1, C-2, W or M-1 Districts except that no building shall be erected or converted for dwelling purposes, provided, however, that dwelling quarters may be established in connection with any industrial plant for security personnel and caretakers employed on the premises and provided further that any existing dwelling within the M-2 District may be repaired or altered.
      (4)   In addition to those uses permitted in the M-2 District by the foregoing provisions, the following uses, and no other, except as provided in § 155.060 (D), Temporary Use Permits, and § 155.060 (E), Specific Use Permits, may be permitted in the M-2 District under specific use permits granted in compliance with the procedures, terms and conditions provided in § 155.060 (E), Specific Use Permits:
   Asphalt or asphalt products; manufacturing and processing
   Chemicals or petrochemicals, including but not limited to:  acids, acetylene, aniline dyes, ammonia, ammonium sulfate, bleaching compounds, carbide, caustic soda, soda ash, cellulose, chlorine, carbon black or bone black, cleaning or polishing preparations, creosote, exterminating agents, hydrogen, oxygen, industrial alcohol, sugar, potash, plastic materials, synthetic resins or synthetic yarns; manufacturing, refining or processing
   Coal, coke, charcoal or tar products, including gas; processing
   Explosives or fireworks; manufacturing or storage
   Fertilizers, active; manufacturing and processing; storage, transportation and handling
   Fertilizers, inert; manufacturing and processing
   Gases or flammable liquids; processing involving
   Hair, felt or feathers; bulk processing, washing, curing or dyeing
   Incineration, distillation or reduction of garbage, offal or dead animals; fat rendering
   Insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants or related industrial or household chemical compounds; manufacturing or processing
   Leather, hair or fur; tanning, curing, finishing or dyeing
   Livestock feeding yards or pens
   Meat, poultry or fish; slaughtering, processing or preparation for packing
   Metal, metal ores or metal products; reduction, refining, processing
   Metal alloys or foil, including solder, pewter, brass, bronze and tin, aluminum, lead or gold foil; manufacturing or processing
   Production of casting or foundry products
   Paint, enamel, lacquer, turpentine or varnish; manufacturing
   Petroleum or petroleum products; refining
   Plastic or rubber products; manufacturing
   Soaps, detergents or perfumes; manufacturing
   Wood products, fiber or lumber; manufacturing and processing
   Wool; scouring, pulling and processing, manufacturing involving
   (E)   Other required conditions.
      (1)   Site plan.  A site plan shall be submitted to and approved by the Building Official prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy and Compliance.
      (2)   Floor area.  The floor area of any building or buildings, or other structures in M-2 District shall not exceed one and one-half times the number of square feet in the lot or tract of land on which it is located.
      (3)   Building area.  The maximum allowable building area in M-2 District shall not exceed 75 percent of the gross area of the lot or tract of land.
(Ord. 1100 § 7.8A, passed 4-3-64; Am. Ord. 1100-III, passed 10-11-82)  Penalty, see § 155.999