This district is intended to promote and preserve single family recreational vehicle park development in suitable locations within the city.  For the definition of a Recreational Vehicle Park, please refer to the definitions of Recreational Vehicle Park contained in § 155.002.
   (A)   Minimum requirements for lot area and setback.
      Lot area:  1250 SF
      Lot width:  25'
         Front:  0'
         Rear:  0'
            One:  0'
            Sum of both:  0'
   (B)   Minimum requirements for setbacks from adjacent property lines which may include the width of utility easements.
         Front:  25'
         Rear: 10'
            One:  5'
            Sum of both:  10'
   (C)   Minimum requirements for setbacks from property lines located adjacent to properties zoned R-1, R-2, R-2A or R-3.  These setbacks will act as a buffer zone and may include the width of utility easements.
         Front:  25'
         Rear:  25'
            One:  25'
            Sum of both:  50'
   (D)   See § 155.023 for supplementary district regulations, exceptions and parking requirements applicable to the R-2 District.
   (E)   See § 155.060 (D) and (E) for temporary use permits that may be granted by the Board of Adjustments and specific use permits that may be recommended by the City Planning Commission under certain circumstances and conditions.
   (F)   Permitted uses and parking.  Only recreational vehicle parks with their necessary service buildings are permitted in this district. Sufficient width and length for the parking of one automobile or pickup shall be included within each space (see § 155.023 (I)(2)) and an off-street parking area for guests and visitors shall be included at the ratio of one for each recreational vehicle space in the park.
   (G)   Height regulations.  No building shall exceed 30 feet or two stories in height.
   (H)   Special requirements.
      (1)   Proposals for the development of any recreational vehicle park shall be required to abide by the same approval process as required for a planned unit development district (see § 155.045) with the exception of § 155.045 (F)(1) and (H)(1)(c), (d), and (f), which are not applicable.  In applying § 155.045 to § 155.035, the term ‘Recreational Vehicle Park’ shall be substituted for the term ‘Planned Unit Development.’
      (2)   No more than one recreational vehicle may be placed in a single space.
      (3)   All development must comply with currently adopted technical codes.
      (4)   There shall be a 3% landscaping requirement for any proposed recreational vehicle park unless such park is located adjacent to property zoned for R-1, R-2, R-2A, or R-3, in which case 50% of the required buffer zone abutting any of the above mentioned zones shall be appropriately landscaped.  Landscaping requirements will be subject to the approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council.
      (5)   Other requirements applicable to recreational vehicle parks found in Chapter 120 of the City Code of Ordinances.
(Ord. 1100-94-1, passed 4-4-93)  Penalty, see § 155.999