This district is intended to be composed primarily of mobile homes and HUD-code manufactured homes.
   (A)   Minimum requirements for lot area and setback.
      Lot area:  6250 SF
      Lot width:  50'
         Front:  25'
         Rear:  5'
            One:  5'
            Sum of both:  10'
   (B)   See § 155.023 for supplementary district regulations, exceptions, and parking requirements applicable to the R-2 District.
   (C)   See § 155.060 (D) and (E) for temporary use permits that may be granted by the Board of Adjustment and specific use permits that may be recommended by the City Planning Commission under certain circumstances and contains.
   (D)   Permitted uses and parking requirements.  Any use permitted in the R-1 and the R-2 Districts.  See § 155.030 (C) for permitted uses and parking requirements.
   (E)   Height regulations.  No building shall exceed 30 feet or 2 stories in height.
   (F)   Special requirements.
      (1)   A map of plat of all mobile homes subdivisions shall be prepared in accordance with the subdivision ordinance of the city.
      (2)   The minimum size of a mobile home subdivision shall be 8 acres.
      (3)   No more than one mobile home shall be placed on each lot.
      (4)   No mobile home shall be permitted in a mobile home subdivision unless it contains at least 400 square feet of living area.
      (5)   Not more than one travel trailer or camper shall be parked on any one lot within a mobile home subdivision.  No camper or travel trailer shall be occupied or used for sleeping quarters within a mobile home subdivision.
      (6)   Each mobile home shall contain a flush toilet, sleeping accommodations, a tub or shower bath, kitchen facilities, and plumbing and electrical connections designed for and attached to appropriate external systems.
      (7)   Personal goods and articles, other than cars, fuel tanks, boat, lawn furniture and similar items too large to reasonably enclose, shall be stored on the mobile home lot only in a completely enclosed structure.
      (8)   Any existing mobile home in this district may only be replaced with a HUD-code manufactured home or a conventional dwelling.
(Ord. 1100-CC, 10-16-78; Am. Ord. 1844, passed 11-16-98)  Penalty, see § 155.999