This district consists mainly of areas containing single-family dwellings and of open spaces where single-family development appears desirable.  In addition to the general purposes applying to all residential districts, the regulations of District R-2 are designed to encourage the provision of single- family detached dwellings in low density residential areas with a minimum lot area of 6,250 square feet.
   (A)   Minimum requirements for lot area, width, and setback.
      Lot area:  6250 SF
      Lot width:  50'
         Front:  25'
         Rear:  5'
            One:  5'
            Sum of both:  10'
   (B)   See § 155.023 for supplementary district regulations, exceptions and parking requirements applying to the R-2 District.
   (C)   See § 155.060 (D) and (E) for temporary use permits that may be granted by the Board of Adjustment and specific use permits that may be recommended by the City Planning Commission within the R-2 District under certain circumstances and conditions.
   (D)   Permitted uses and parking requirements.  Any use permitted in the R-1 District.  See § 155.030 (C) for permitted uses and parking requirements.
   (E)   Height regulations.  No building shall exceed 30 feet or 2 stories in height.
(Ord. 1100 § 7.2, passed 4-3-64)  Penalty, see § 155.999