District regulations shall be as set forth in the Schedule of District Regulations, hereby adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this chapter, and in § 155.023, “Supplementary District Regulations”.  The several districts hereby established and into which the city is divided are designated as follows:
R-1 District
Single-family Residential District
7,000 square feet minimum lot area per dwelling unit.
R-2 District
Single-family Residential District
6,250 square feet minimum lot area per dwelling unit.
R-2A District
Single-family Residential District Townhouse or Condominium
R-2B District
Single-family Mobile Home Subdivision
R-2D District
Blended Conventional Dwelling and New HUD-Code Manufactured Home District
R-2C District
Single-family Residential, Recreational Vehicle Park
R-3 District
Multiple-family Residential District
1,500 square feet minimum lot area per dwelling unit on a lot of 6,250 square feet or more.
C-1 District
Retail Business District
C-2 District
General Commercial District
W-1 District
Waterfront - Resort
W-1R District
Waterfront - Single Family Residential
W-2 District
Waterfront - Light
W-3 District
Waterfront - Heavy
M-1 District
Light Manufacturing
M-2 District
Heavy Manufacturing
PUD District
Planned Unit Development District
Historic District
Historic Landmark District
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