General Provisions
   155.001   Purpose
   155.002   Definitions
Zoning Districts
   155.010   Establishment of districts; official zoning map
   155.011   Rule for interpretation of district boundaries
District Regulations
   155.020   Application of district regulations
   155.021   Non-conforming lots, uses of land, structures and uses of structures and premises
   155.022   Schedule of district regulations adopted
   155.023   Supplementary district regulations and exceptions
   155.024   Classification of new and unlisted commercial uses
Specific District Regulations
   155.030   R-1 District, Single Family Residential
   155.031   R-2 District, Single Family Residential
   155.032   R-2A District, Single Family Residential, Townhouse or Condominium
   155.033   R-2B District, Single Family Residential, Mobile Home Subdivision
   155.034   R-2D District, Blended Conventional Dwelling and New HUD-Code Manufactured Home
   155.035   R-2C District, Single Family Residential, Recreational Vehicle Park
   155.036   R-3 District, Multi-Family Residential
   155.037   C-1 District, Retail Business
   155.038   C-2 District, General Commercial
   155.039   W-1 District, Waterfront-Resort
   155.040   W-1R District, Waterfront Single Family Residential
   155.041   W-2 District, Waterfront-Light
   155.042   W-3 District, Waterfront-Heavy
   155.043   M-1 District, Light Manufacturing
   155.044   M-2 District, Heavy Manufacturing
   155.045   Planned Unit Development District, PUD
   155.046   Historic Landmark District
   155.047   C-3 Entertainment District
   155.048   W-4 Marina District
   155.049   Downtown Zoning District-1 (DT-1)
Administration and Enforcement
   155.060   Building permits, certificates of occupancy and compliance, temporary use permits and specific use permits
   155.061   Board of Adjustment: procedure
   155.062   Duties of Building Official, Board of Adjustment, City Council and Courts of matters of appeal
   155.063   Schedule of fees, charges and expenses
   155.064   Amendments
   155.065   Provisions of chapter declared to be minimum requirements
   155.066   Complaints regarding violations
   155.999   Penalty