(A)   Development of special flood prone areas is prohibited except as permitted by this subchapter and  Chapter 153.
   (B)   Subdivision of special flood prone areas is prohibited where the cost of providing utilities and governmental services would pose an unreasonable economic burden.
   (C)   The location, elevation, and construction of all utilities and facilities, such as sewer, gas, electrical, and water systems and streets shall be in such manner as to minimize or eliminate damage by flooding.
   (D)   Adequate drainage shall be provided as to reduce the community's exposure to flood hazards with respect to adjacent, upstream, and downstream developments.
   (E)   No platted residential lot shall be approved that does not contain a suitable building site of sufficient elevation to permit construction utilizing a first floor elevation above the level of the 100-year flood.
('68 Code, § 33-41) (Ord. 1227, passed 12-20-71)