The final or record plat of a subdivision shall show or be accompanied by the following data:
   (A)   Proposed name of the subdivision.
   (B)   Name and address of the subdivider or name of person to whom notice of hearing shall be sent.
   (C)   North point, scale, and date.
   (D)   Name of registered professional civil engineer or licensed land surveyor responsible for the plat.
   (E)   Certificate of the registered engineer or licensed surveyor who surveyed, mapped, and monumented the land shall be placed on the face of the plat.
   (F)   A certificate of ownership and dedication of all streets, alleys, parks, and playgrounds to the public use forever, shall be executed by all persons, firms, associations, or corporations owning an interest in the property subdivided, resubdivided and platted, and shall be acknowledged in the manner prescribed by state law for conveyances of real property. In the case of lien-holders, they shall execute a subordina-tion agreement, subordinating their liens to all public streets, alleys, parks, school sites and other public areas shown on the plat of such subdivision or resubdivision as being set aside for public use and purpose. The certificate of dedication shall, in addition to the above requirement, contain the following:
      (1)   An accurate description of the tract of land subdivided.
      (2)   A statement and express representation that the parties joining in such dedication deed or certificate of dedication are the sole owners of such tract of land.
      (3)   An express dedication to the public for public use forever of the streets, alley, rights-of-way, utility easements, parks, school sites, and other public places shown on the plat attached thereto.
      (4)   A positive reference and identification of the plat of such subdivision by the name of such subdivision, date of plat, and the name of the engineer.
   (G)   The boundary lines with accurate distances and bearings, the exact location and width of all existing or recorded streets intersecting the boundary of the tract. The names of adjacent subdivisions or the names of owners of adjacent unplatted land (streets, alleys, and lot lines in adjacent subdivisions shall be shown by a dotted line). All necessary data to reproduce plat on the ground must be shown on the plat.
   (H)   True bearings and distances to the nearest established street lines or official monuments, which shall be accurately described on the plat; municipal, county, or section lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and bearings.
   (I)   An accurate location of the subdivision in reference to the real estate records of the county.
   (J)   The exact layout includes the following:
      (1)   Street names.
      (2)   The length of all arcs, radii, internal angles, points of curvature, length of bearing of the tangents.
      (3)   All easements for right-of-way provided for public services or utilities and any limitations of the easements.
      (4)   All lot numbers and lines with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths and with bearings and angles to street line.
   (K)   Setback building lines (the minimum setback line shall be 25 feet).
   (L)   A waiver of claim for damage occasioned by the establishment of grades or alterations of the surface of any portion of the streets.
   (M)   Certificate of approval to be signed by the Planning Board and the City Council.
   (N)   Protective covenants, if any, in form for recording, which shall never be less than those restrictions imposed by the zoning code of the city or of this chapter.
   (O)   Certificate showing that all taxes have been paid on the tract to be subdivided, and that no delinquent taxes exist against the property.
   (P)   Location and description of monuments.
   (Q)   Other data such other certificates, affidavits, endorsements, or dedications as may be required by the Planning Board for the enforcement of these regulations.
('68 Code, § 33-35) (Ord. 472, passed 12-18-56)