§ 154.51  CONTENTS. 
   Three prints of a preliminary plat shall be submitted to the City Engineer for presentation to the Planning Board at least five days prior to the meeting at which approval is sought or asked. Such preliminary plat shall be drawn to scale of 100 feet to the inch or larger, and shall show:
   (A)   The proposed name of the subdivision.
   (B)   North point (true or magnetic), scale, and date.
   (C)   The names and addresses of the subdivider and of the registered professional civil engineer or licensed land surveyor responsible for the survey and design.
   (D)   An accurate location of the subdivision in reference to the real estate records of the county.
   (E)   The boundary line (accurate in scale) of the tract to be subdivided.
   (F)   Contours with intervals of 0.5 feet or less, referred to sea level datum, if required.
   (G)   The names of adjacent subdivisions or the names of recorded owners of adjoining parcels of land which is unsubdivided land.
   (H)   The location, widths, and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways within or adjacent to the tract, existing permanent buildings, railroad rights-of-way, easements, and other information and other important features, such as section lines, political subdivisions, or corporation lines and school district boundaries.
   (I)   Existing sewers, water main culverts, or other underground structures within the tract and immediately adjacent thereto with pipe sizes, grades, and locations indicated.
   (J)   All parcels of land intended to be dedicated for public use or reserved in deeds for the use of all property owners in the proposed subdivisions, together with the purpose of conditions or limitations of such reservation, if any.
   (K)   The layout, names, and widths of proposed streets and easements.
   (L)   The layout, numbers, and approximate dimensions of proposed lots.
   (M)   The draft of any protective covenants whereby the subdivider proposes to regulate the use of the land in the subdivision; provided however, that such restrictive covenants, conditions, or limitations shall never be less than the minimum requirements of the city under the provisions of this chapter and/or under the provisions of the city zoning code.
('68 Code, § 33-23) (Ord. 472, passed 12-18-56)